Emerging Treatments 2.1

This online course describes the theory of new exciting and emerging treatments, including PRP, Skin Boosters, biostimulants and other modalities

It will cover both the science behind these treatments as well as in clinic considerations.

This course will also discuss how to cross sale skin treatments to your existing appearance medicine clients
Although not necessary, a knowledge of PRP is helpful. Please see PRP Course 1.1 and 1.2 to if you are interested


Yes, you will have quizzes at the end of each module to ensure you understand what you have just completed.
These are online modules and each one takes approximately 30 minutes to complete. You can pace it at whatever speed you want to complete your modules. There are also extra reading links and quizzes that need to be completed to pass this course.
Course entry requirements:

Registered Nurse/Dentist/Doctor on the NZSCM Program, Surgeon or Dermatologist or affiliate.
Fluency in the English language
Proof of current RESUS certificate
Emergency equipment
Medical Insurance Cover

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Duration: 2 Weeks - 3 months
Level: Intermediate


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