Muscle Relaxing Injections 1.2

This Introduction course enables you to build confidence and competence with your treatments and create fantastic results, with satisfied clients.

This hands on workshop covers the science of neuromodulators, the relevant anatomy, appropriate dosing, injection sites, side effects, and  practice on live patients.

Are you looking to learn the basics of Botulinum Toxin?
Would you like to improve your understanding of facial anatomy?
Do you want to learn the basics of upper face toxin techniques?
Do you understand the different strategies used to increase the comfort of these treatments?

What you will learn:

Science of Botulinum toxin Type A
Preparation for treatment
Best method of injection

Upper Facial Treatments

Frontalis injection for forehead lines
Glabella injection for frown lines
Orbicularis Oculi injection for Crow’s feet


Botulinum Toxin Type A beginner modules 1.1– online modules and lectures must be completed to attend this workshop

You will have the necessary skills able to treat glabella, crows feet and foreheads, you will still need to be practising within your standing order scope or under your prescribing rights.
Yes, until we feel you are adequately proficient with treatments you will not pass this class.
Yes we have live models and oversee you treating clients, bringing the information you have learned from your online modules into practice.
The course is a day course.
These courses are run in clinics around New Zealand. They are based in Auckland, Tauranga, Wellington, Nelson, and Christchurch.
Course entry requirements:

Registered Nurse/Dentist/Doctor (member of NZSCM)
Proof of current practising certificate
Proof of current RESUS certificate
Fluency in the English language
Plus completion of the below Ever Young Training Courses:

Introduction to Botulinum Toxins 1.1 - Online Module

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Enrolled: 0 students
Duration: 1 Day
Level: Beginner


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