Muscle Relaxing Injections 1.1

This is a foundation course in the safe delivery of Botulinum toxin in cosmetic medicine.

This course has a key focus on facial anatomy and the dangers you can encounter when injecting botulinum toxins.

Do you understand the action of botulinum toxins and how they work in the neuromuscular junctions?

What are some of the safety measures you can use in your practice?

We will look at facial assessment and when it is better to use botulinum toxins over dermal fillers or vice versa.

What are the key things to look out for to ensure that your techniques with botulinum toxin type A are safe, and your client will be happy with their results.

This course will cover a range of essential nursing competencies for Appearance Medicine.

We will use a variety of cosmetic specialists to ensure you receive expert education in all areas covered in these lectures.

You will need to bring your completed workbooks from this course to your practical course.

Yes you must pass the quizzes in order to go through to practical learning on a model.
Yes you can take these lessons at your own pace. We also have quizzes and extra reading alongside the lessons.
No this course is the theory in preparation for your practical course.
Course entry requirements:

Registered Nurse/Dentist/Doctor (member of NZSCM)
Proof of current practising certificate
Proof of current RESUS certificate
Fluency in the English language

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Enrolled: 1 student
Duration: 4 weeks - 6 months
Lectures: 21
Level: Beginner


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