Dermal Filler 1.1

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This is a foundation course in the safe delivery of Dermal Filler and will give the trainee a base of knowledge to start their injecting career with HA fillers

Delivered in a series of online modules, trainees can work through course material.

This course presents a key focus on facial anatomy and the dangers you can encounter when injecting dermal fillers. Safe injection technique, facial aesthetics and client management are emphasized We will use a variety of cosmetic specialists to ensure you receive expert education in all areas covered in these lectures.


This course includes a workbook to allow for reference in your practice.

What do I need to do this course?
Course entry requirements:

Registered Nurse/Dentist/Doctor; Surgeon, Dermatologist, (member of NZSCM) or affiliate.
Proof of current practising certificate
Proof of current RESUS certificate
Fluency in the English language

Plus to have completed the below courses:

To get into BEGINNER COURSES you
must have proof of 2 years full time or equivalent experience in post grad medical, surgical general practice, district nursing, one year post grad dentistry, and doctors that meet Medical Council requirements for Cosmetic Medicine.

Disclaimer: It is your responsibility to have a supervision agreement with your Oversight in order to practice this course. It is your responsibility to ensure it is within your scope as a doctor or dentist with Medical Council or Dental Council
Do I need to pass a test to pass this course?
Yes you must pass quizzes and assignments to pass this course and inject a model in our practical courses.
Will I inject a model in this course?
No this is the theory to prepare you for your practical injecting courses.
  • Practitioner Essentials 0.1D
  • What is Prerequisite courses
    A prerequisite is a specific course that you must complete before you can take another course at the next grade level.
Course details
Duration 30 Hours
Level Beginner


Ever Young Training educates qualified medical professionals in the theory and applied techniques of cosmetic and aesthetic medicine. Enhance your knowledge, understanding, and practices in aesthetics.