Become a Cosmetic Nurse, Dentist, Doctor, Pharmacist, OHT, Hygenist, or Advanced Paramedic

The Ever Young Training Graduate Diploma of Cosmetic Nursing and Injectables is a postgraduate course developed specifically for qualified nurses, doctors, dentists, pharmacists, advanced paramedics, and hygenists, and OHT’s wishing to enter the field of cosmetic medicine. This this is the only quality-assured credential in New Zealand for Non-Surgical Cosmetic Medical Practice and will provide our students with the knowledge and hands-on practical skills required to work in a cosmetic medical practice performing a range of dermal therapies, injectable procedures, and skin treatments.  



Ever Young Training directors and trainers are leaders in the fields of appearance medicine, laser, and skin technologies – both in NZ and internationally.

Stacey is the Registered Nurse heading the CANN Society for nurse injectors. As the President of the Society, she campaigned with the NZSCM doctors to ensure the New Zealand government is aware of the dangers of cosmetic medicine injecting, ensuring only medical practitioners with full aesthetic training are allowed to practice in this field.    

Stacey is joined in formulating this training facility by two highly-experienced nurse practitioners, Marie Guerin, with over 15 years experience in this field and a leader in the CANN committee, and Brandy Wehinger, a member of the CANN steering committee, with over 10 years experience in appearance medicine and nursing.

We are proud to be affiliated with some of the top cosmetic medicine providers in the world. Providing the highest quality training and results for our students.


Are you having trouble getting training on topics such as Masseter Hypertrophy, Mentalis injection with muscle relaxant, or Hyalase injection?

Do you really understand skin and skin care? Our injectable course content covers anatomy, injection sites, doses, product discussions, scientific background of the products, patient communication tips, and rules of advertising to succeed in the aesthetic business in New Zealand.

Our skincare knowledge is the latest and best you can get.

Our Practice Development course contains easy-to-understand business concepts for both small and large clinics. You can implement many of these strategies easily and see successful results in client numbers, retention, and business promotion.

We promote experience, quality and success, which runs through the heart of our teaching. Our passion is to make the aesthetics industry a safer place by providing our students with high quality training from our vastly experienced and skilled RNs, Doctors, and Dentist trainers.


Between them, our trainers have decades of experience training and leading innovations in cosmetic appearance medicine – experience that will give you confidence in the skills and techniques you learn with them.
Our nurse, doctor, and dentist trainers are all leaders in the industry for top cosmetic companies.  We use our knowledge from these roles to bring advanced training skills and contacts to you.  

We have the very experienced and highly recognised plastic surgeon Dr. Greg Taylor working with us to present the highest level of anatomy training in our courses.  

We are also pleased to introduce Dr. Brent Krivan to our training courses. He has a broad grasp of all aspects of appearance medicine and aspects surrounding these practices.  He is also an expert in skin cancers, which we find hugely helpful when treating the skin.  

We offer medical professionals comprehensive hands-on experience with industry expert trainers, helping to shape a safer future within aesthetics.

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Our Postgraduate Support is Unique to New Zealand

Expand your Experience

Nurses, Doctors, Dentists, OHTs, hygenists, advanced paramedics, and pharmacists can launch into the amazing field of Aesthetics beginning in any of these areas, or extending their practice by taking any of our courses.

Our Cosmetic Injecting courses are divided into Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced, and Specialist.  This is so you can safely progress through your level of development.

You can take laser and advanced skin courses at any time along with your cosmetic injecting training.  Each complements the other in a total aesthetic practice.

To develop your own business, you may like to add Practice Management into your studies and learn all the nuances to building a successful aesthetic-specific brand.

Professional Certificate Courses (Online/Blended Learning)

  • Online/Blended Learning certificates can be obtained in a range of specialized areas in aesthetics.

Admission Requirements

  • Must be a Registered Nurse or Dentist, or Surgeon, Dermatologist, OHT, hygenist, pharmacist, or advanced paramedic.
  • Current registration required

Study Modes Available

  • Online/Blended Courses
  • Practical training available in clinics throughout New Zealand
  • From experience we understand that everyone thrives in different learning environments and therefore flexibility is important. To help our students become the safest practitioners we offer a variety of training methods, from assignments and presentations, to hands-on practical workshops, with Zoom lectures alongside their online theory courses.


Commencement opportunities:

  • Online courses can be accessed on-demand.
  • Ever Young Training offers an online information portal to their students to back up their studies, which can be accessed after training to support their practice.
  • We are also affiliated with Cosmeticaid where students can reach out for further support after their training is completed.

Professional Recognition

Graduates receive the Ever Young Training Graduate Diploma of Cosmetic Appearance Medicine.

  • Ever Young is currently the only provider of a quality-assured credential in New Zealand for Non-Surgical Cosmetic Medical Practice
  • Digital credentials are currently experiencing global recognition as an effective and valid way to provide recognition and credentialling of skills, your training/credentialling is future-forward 

Course Duration And Study Commitment

These courses will provide you with the essential knowledge required for aesthetic practice.  They will give you the practical tools to begin working with aesthetic medicine clients.  They will involve not only online modules but seminars and practical training workshops to provide you with necessary skills to begin treating clients.


Course fees are per module 

This covers your workbooks, electronic course materials, online support, webinars, Zoom meetings, marking, and lecturer support. (Does not include textbooks if required).

A range of payment options are available for all courses.