Available routes to kickstart your Aesthetics Career

Progress through our complete Core Courses, completing the whole course of Botulinum Toxins (Botox), Dermal Fillers, and Skin Treatments will give you an all round grounding to be a well covered in most injectable treatments to run your own clinic or be a senior injector at any cosmetic appearance medicine clinic. Following this you can add our more advanced trainings and practice development and management courses to enhance your experiences further.

If you are not wanting a full rounded course you can bespoke your training and, provided you are proven to be at the appropriate level, you can pick courses and workshops to complete your schooling to a higher level.

These courses are only available to Registered Nurses, Medical Doctors, or Dentists, or Medical Professionals who can prove they are educated enough to complete this level of practice development.

Our Business Courses are open to any beauty therapy clinic or cosmetic appearance medicine clinic therapists or owners who would like industry specific training in building their business.

Each course has its price set on the site and you can do it per module.  Within each online course are multiple classes.  Practical courses are run where the most students are in the area at the time.  We have trainers in Auckland, Tauranga, Wellington, Nelson & Christchurch.

Not yet. We are in the process of getting this course accepted for a national qualification. Students embarking on the course prior to this will have their qualification back-issued once we have obtained certification.

No, it will not guarantee a job, but it will certainly make you an attractive candidate. Cosmetic injectors are highly sought after and those with prior training are more likely to be considered ideal job candidates.

No. However, your training with Ever Young Training will make your CV more attractive to doctors when you seek out Standing Orders. 

Registered Nurses, Doctors, Dentists & Medical Professionals who can prove they are candidates for this level of medical education.

No, you can do just the Practitioner Essentials 0.1D course and the Dermal Filler courses. However, when we get our Accreditation we will not be able to give you the Certificate in Beginning Appearance Medicine.

Absolutely. You will get to practice injecting real models. Workshops are fun and completely hands-on. We suggest you choose and bring your own models to the trainings. This encourages them to become your clients and gives you the ability to follow up and see the outcome of your treatment.

Speak with one of our Team to ask any further questions. Following this we will send you an application and start the enrolment process. Any questions can be addressed to [email protected]